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|| Hi I'm Sidh || 26 || She/Her ||

I mostly draw girls. A mix of furry and not furry. Mostly my own OCs! Some nudity to be expected.

I don't tend to draw anything sexual but I can't count it out as a possiblity and I may commission sexual art from other artists and share that here so either way 18+

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About Sidh

Another OC

This time we have Natsuki, who is actually one of Faira's daughters

She's a kitsune, obviously. Her deal being that on her 18th birthday the gathering of divine and spirit beings who came to celebrate her birthday attracted a wayward demonic spirit that managed to latch on and cause minor corruption in Natsuki while she slept

She looks scary, and is plenty capable of being scary, but in reality she's quite a softhearted person who only uses fear tactics to avoid actual violence

It's for this reason she's studied illusion magic over most other forms of innate Kitsune abilities

Art by Jelly and Sucaciic (NSFW)

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