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|| Hi I'm Sidh || 26 || She/Her ||

I mostly draw girls. A mix of furry and not furry. Mostly my own OCs! Some nudity to be expected.

I don't tend to draw anything sexual but I can't count it out as a possiblity and I may commission sexual art from other artists and share that here so either way 18+

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About Sidh

Some quick funfacts to beef up her character tag

Loreley isn't her given name, she took it after becoming a vampire. She took it because it's the title of one of her favourite songs

She was in university studying music and performing arts when she was attacked and turned during a midnight convenience store snack run

She's a phonic mage. Upon being taken in by a girl that would go on to become her wife, she was introduced to her latent magical abilities and chose to pursue magic through music

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