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🔞 This space is not intended for minors, come back when it's not literally illegal for you to be here.

I mostly draw girls. A mix of furry and not furry. Mostly my own OCs! Nudity to be expected.

Sexual content is something I commission reasonably often but rarely draw, but is also something that I'm looking to draw more of.

Anything that crosses over from being tasteful or somewhat sexualised nudity/risque-dressed characters into outright overtly sexual in both content and intent gets the #lewd tag.

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Posts tagged Loreley:

Last night I felt some ways about things and decided to sketch up a page of my vampiric OCs mouths

So here have the full page of Sidh's Late Night Fangposting™

Updated simple ref for my vampire/blood demon catgirl Loreley

She's a teacher now so she has to dress like an adult

Decided to give Loreley's hair an update while I was sketching some stuff up today

Loreley has two modes and one of them is Absolutely Feral

Some quick funfacts to beef up her character tag

Loreley isn't her given name, she took it after becoming a vampire. She took it because it's the title of one of her favourite songs

She was in university studying music and performing arts when she was attacked and turned during a midnight convenience store snack run

She's a phonic mage. Upon being taken in by a girl that would go on to become her wife, she was introduced to her latent magical abilities and chose to pursue magic through music