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I mostly draw girls. A mix of furry and not furry. Mostly my own OCs! Some nudity to be expected.

I don't tend to draw anything sexual but I can't count it out as a possiblity and I may commission sexual art from other artists and share that here so either way 18+

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Awooooo~ Yeah I gave my goth werewolf GF OC Usagi a kemono were-form

So now she can be both a fleshy and a furry for whatever I feel like doing at any given time

Last night I felt some ways about things and decided to sketch up a page of my vampiric OCs mouths

So here have the full page of Sidh's Late Night Fangposting™

Huevember Day 11: Ft. Naya

I was gonna do more with this but I ran out of steaaaam so

Simple shark

Ready to test her teeth on anyone who crosses her 🦈

Huevember Day 9: Ft. Yuna 💙

She always practices her routine in the bedroom mirror before heading to the studio c:

Huevember Day 7: Ft. Faira again

But this time with legs

She borrowed some clothes from a friend (¬‿¬)

Huevember Day 6: Ft. Faira

It's the looooongwife! 💚

Huevember Day 5: Ft. Blake

Obligatory 💪

Happy spooky day!

Also deciding to post my first Huevember post a day early because it also just so happens to be thematically fitting for Halloween

So because I’m planning on doing Huevember next month I’m gonna be spending a little while focusing on preparing ahead on that so my fresh art output is gonna slow down a bit

But here’s a WIP of what will be the first thing I post come November, gotta rep the trans vampire catlad

One (1) incubus redesign

Kyn is pretty and knows it

Praying to the fox goddess 🙏

Natsuki is one of my favourite OCs and I haven't ever actually drawn her myself so I had to fix that

Just wanted to draw my knightly lad Bayard having a chill time

Urge to draw Faira satiated

Look she even put her arm on for this

Dealing with a little artblock so I drew the byoy




I just felt like doing a Blake thing so here's a Blake thing~


Got a new OC designed, art by Pride_kun on twitter

His name is Bayard, a cheery jackal lad with an affinity for shadow magic and dreams of becoming a knight

If the outfit doesn't give it away, he's a squire to my demon knight character Camilla~

Updated simple ref for my vampire/blood demon catgirl Loreley

She's a teacher now so she has to dress like an adult

I dunno if anyone else places this kinda value in their OCs

But I'm actually kinda sad I forgot to do something for Faira's birthday last month

Her birthday being August 19th, which is based on the upload date of her first ever ref in 2014

Next year though

A thing of Faira and her angelcat wife Leilah (Who belongs to my best friend @aWildNep) because I've wanted to draw these two together for forever

Had to put the boy in the new clothing item

If the whole secret underground vampire shadow cabal leader gig doesn't work out Kiyoshi could probably make it as a model

I made a new OC woops

Her name is Naya she's 9ft tall might maybe perhaps work as go-between for various thieves guilds and black markets, and eats sailors who fall overboard

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camilla for @sidh for artfight!

had some trouble with the pose in the beginning, but i hope you like it .w.

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