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I mostly draw girls. A mix of furry and not furry. Mostly my own OCs! Some nudity to be expected.

I don't tend to draw anything sexual but I can't count it out as a possiblity and I may commission sexual art from other artists and share that here so either way 18+

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Okay put together a quick Marcus ref so I can do more with him later

Marcus is a Mongoose, he's also a mechanical engineer, inventor, and doctor.

He made and installed Faira's magitech arm

BFF and I got this adorable commission of my demon Camilla and her lil qilin girl Yukiko and I'm love everything about it

Art by @jellyenvy

Loreley has two modes and one of them is Absolutely Feral

So my best friend commissioned an artist to do a design for one of my characters!

This is Kiyoshi, a trans vampire catlad

His floral tattoo is demonic in origin, it needs to be fed blood and when the power within the tattoo is used that blood is consumed and it grants Kiyoshi strength and abilities beyond the average for vampires in his world

The same demon who helped him out with that tattoo also helped him alter some physical traits to alleviate dysphoria

Art by Pride on twitter

@jellyenvy put a thought in my head in a brief twitter interaction and I had to quickly sketch it out

Blake probably wouldn't make the best teacher. Find yourself at peril against a few too many low level monsters and she'd just see it as a learning experience.

"You'll figure it out, it's just a few slimes, don't be so dramatic."


Seeing as I've been functionally bedridden for the day due to illness I figured I'd use this time to put a little thought into the Faira ask blog's setting, and I wrote up a quick... Thing?

Introductory concept thing.

To sorta lay out the general vibe and stuff

Anyway it's not huge, like just over 500 words or so

...In ages of peace, there is little need for gods or heroes…

So gracefully did most take their final bow and fade into historical text. For this is exactly what they fought for, after all. To be long forgotten or relegated to a figure of myth or pure faith is to have succeeded at what they set out to accomplish.

Though many of those that rose above mortality when conflict last threatened to consume the world still walk, or indeed slither, upon it. Standing aside and leaving the world in the hands of those who live such bright and fleeting lives to shape in ways that allowed them to live their short lives to the fullest.

Immortals dwell in many places, understandably doing as little as possible to draw attention to themselves (in most cases at least) and instead trying to live simple, calm, comfortable lives. The lives they likely wished they could have lived before becoming what they are now.

In her case it was the life she had already lived before all was uprooted and she was cast into a role she did not seek out, but embraced all the same.

A forest path that connected one town to the next. Not an uncommon sight, with little to set it apart from the dozens, perhaps even hundreds that some are likely to have seen in their lifetimes. This was not the setting for adventurous tales nor was it common for travellers, traders, or parties of hopeful adventurers to come upon highwaymen, bandits, or goblins or any other adversaries, however grounded or fantastical, one might be so inclined to imagine.

It was however the location for one of several shrines to gods and goddesses across the country, remembered mostly in name or even just role only. Where the still faithful might travel monthly if they lived close, or yearly if it was a significant trek, to attend to this small but important aspect of their lives.

These shrines sometimes had attendants. Sometimes they didn’t, and those unfortunately fell to ruin until the day came that someone of devout faith might take it upon themselves to restore the shrine to its former glory.

This shrine had one. It was easy enough for her to make sure it was well kept, to keep the gardens clean, the lanterns lit, and the path unobscured. She lived nearby. Preferring the quiet of her cabin in the woods. Between hunting for food and tending to her gardens she had much free time. And… Well… The shrine was hers after all. Built in her name.

Faira didn’t build it, she didn’t even ask for it to be built, but it now and had for many, many years, stood here all the same. For the heart and effort that went into this shrine, she could hardly let it fall to ruin. And it did still occasionally have visitors!

Some who now knew her as the keeper of the shrine. A kindly one-armed half fox, half snake, who explained to those that may want to ask that she cared for this place not out of any faith she herself held, but for the benefit of those who did.

Some quick funfacts to beef up her character tag

Loreley isn't her given name, she took it after becoming a vampire. She took it because it's the title of one of her favourite songs

She was in university studying music and performing arts when she was attacked and turned during a midnight convenience store snack run

She's a phonic mage. Upon being taken in by a girl that would go on to become her wife, she was introduced to her latent magical abilities and chose to pursue magic through music

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my part of an art trade with @sidh !! her ocs are so cute, it was hard to pick one to draw! ♥


sidh -


The absolute cutest, thank you so much <3


Jelly has a fox that is in need of love and Faira never lets a fox go without love, Kira is no exception

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oh no. i love her

@sidh 's character Suki!

sidh -

Hello yes I am here to CRY all over my keyboard because this is so precious and so lovely of you <3

Vampire Bun WIP

Because I just felt like sharing this face here

A quick and simple resort attendant character design

Her name is Suki, and Suki is just meant to be a secondary character that pops in and out whenever the story takes place in the resort setting

Slightly older sketchthing

Kyn, an incubus with golden hair and a fluid approach to gender who is my demon knight Camilla's best friend and occasional lover

Working on more Kyn stuff so I felt like putting something in the tag on my blog

I decided to do a redraw in between things

Faira in 2020 vs 2017

Was tempted to do a painterly style again but I decided I'd prefer to stick with what comes more naturally!

Another OC

This time we have Natsuki, who is actually one of Faira's daughters

She's a kitsune, obviously. Her deal being that on her 18th birthday the gathering of divine and spirit beings who came to celebrate her birthday attracted a wayward demonic spirit that managed to latch on and cause minor corruption in Natsuki while she slept

She looks scary, and is plenty capable of being scary, but in reality she's quite a softhearted person who only uses fear tactics to avoid actual violence

It's for this reason she's studied illusion magic over most other forms of innate Kitsune abilities

Art by Jelly and Sucaciic (NSFW)

Blake is a character of mine that kinda works as a benchmark for my current place in style and technical skill

Because of her fairly simple design and all

This is apparently how I'm drawing her today :v

Honestly all of my OCs are some flavor of gay but I think of all my OCs Camilla gives off my favourite Gay Energy™ as an 8'3" tall demon knight with a faery elf wife who is by any other normal accounts still considered tall herself but compared to Camilla is a smol cute who needs to get right up on her toes and/or have Camilla bend down a little for smooches

Art by Lavender Incubus (NSFW content in link)

((The other character's name is Tessa she belongs to my best friend Nephyne))

Another Jelly art of one of my characters!

Kinda cheating though, this was actually an adopt that Jelly designed

Her name is Ry'la, she's a barista who also happens to be an ice mage that likes to call herself "Snow Angel" because she thinks it makes a cute superhero name

Because I want to populate my character tags I'm gonna post some of the art that I've gotten from Jelly of a few of my OCs~

This is Camilla, she's a demon knight

Specifically a Pride Demon with minor Hellhound heritage

Which is a good mix of dedication, high self-worth, and loyalty as parts of her demonic nature