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|| Hi I'm Sidh || 26 || She/Her ||

I mostly draw girls. A mix of furry and not furry. Mostly my own OCs! Some nudity to be expected.

I don't tend to draw anything sexual but I can't count it out as a possiblity and I may commission sexual art from other artists and share that here so either way 18+

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I'm way too tired to take new pics so have some hits over the years happy trans day of visibility I am trans and visible with only one aesthetic that has lasted like four years now

Hair cut and color achieved

I was too lazy to makeup but hey glasses for aesthetic

Sometimes Facebook memories can be alright

Goth/Alternative picnics are fun and every town/city should have their own

Just go and hang out and eat lunch around a bunch of super interesting super pretty super incredible people

I wasn't gonna do one but then I thought "Wait I could do the thing with the one OC I have that's basically me" so I did a #toonme

Gonna get all the mileage out of these old selfies

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Time to bleach my hair by myself for the first time

But just part of my hair

There is too much hair for me to be confident enough to go for the full bleach experience right now

sidh -

Bit sweaty because I went for a walk after I finished to get food but ayy bleach and dye turned out alright, might need to run more dye through because it didn't quite take in a few places (I only left it for a half hour also so y'know it didn't have as much time as it should have) but otherwise piiiink