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🔞 This space is not intended for minors, come back when it's not literally illegal for you to be here.

I mostly draw girls. A mix of furry and not furry. Mostly my own OCs! Nudity to be expected.

Sexual content is something I commission reasonably often but rarely draw, but is also something that I'm looking to draw more of.

Anything that crosses over from being tasteful or somewhat sexualised nudity/risque-dressed characters into outright overtly sexual in both content and intent gets the #lewd tag.

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So because I’m planning on doing Huevember next month I’m gonna be spending a little while focusing on preparing ahead on that so my fresh art output is gonna slow down a bit

But here’s a WIP of what will be the first thing I post come November, gotta rep the trans vampire catlad

I have this bunny sona vibe creature thing that I never draw so I've decided that now she exists purely in dirty rough sketch form for me to express thoughts, feelings, general vibes and such

And on figure study days damn if this isn't a vibe

Dealing with a little artblock so I drew the byoy




Decided to give Loreley's hair an update while I was sketching some stuff up today

Local mongoose recently found out he was cute

Hasn't yet let it go to his head

Loreley has two modes and one of them is Absolutely Feral

@jellyenvy put a thought in my head in a brief twitter interaction and I had to quickly sketch it out

Blake probably wouldn't make the best teacher. Find yourself at peril against a few too many low level monsters and she'd just see it as a learning experience.

"You'll figure it out, it's just a few slimes, don't be so dramatic."

Vampire Bun WIP

Because I just felt like sharing this face here

Blake is a character of mine that kinda works as a benchmark for my current place in style and technical skill

Because of her fairly simple design and all

This is apparently how I'm drawing her today :v

A couple of 2019 sketches that I did for some twitter peoples

I occasionally take requests for sketches like these from mutuals

I should really take them more than occasionally